Earlywood (Springwood)

The first part of the tree's rings to form after winter hybernation. Earlywood is often characterized by larger cells and a lower density.


Either of the two longer sides of a board, perpendicular to the face.

Edge band

To glue veneer to the edge of a board.

Edge guide

A straightedge that is used to guide tools, such as a circular saw or router, along a workpiece.

Edge joining

Smoothing and squaring the edge of a board so that it can be glued up squarely to another piece.


In a dust collection system - a fitting used to turn corners. Click Here


Either of the two shorter sides of a board perpendicular to the face.

End grain

the grain grain at the end of a piece of wood which is perpendicular to the surface.

Equilibrium moisture content

When the level of moisture in a board is equal to the moisture in the surrounding air.

Extension table

Power tool attachment that mounts on the side of a tool, increasing the work surface.