Gang sand

Sanding multiple pieces, which have been face clamped, along their edges and ends simultaneously to create identical parts.


The distance around a tree, the circumference.

Glue Joint

A special interlocking grooved pattern that is used to join two pieces, edge to edge, securely.


a chisel like tool with a curved cutting edge.


The size, alignment, and color of wood fibers in a piece of lumber or other materials.

Green Lumber

Freshly cut lumber that has not had time to dry.


In woodworking, the process of shaping metal with a motor driven abrasive wheel or grinding disc, usually in preparation for honing.


A measure of the size of abrasive particles used in the manufacturing of sandpaper. Grit can also be measured as the number of particles in an square inch of sandpaper surface.


A U-shaped, square-cornered cut in the surface of a board that is cut with the grain of the wood (not across it). Used in joinery as well as for decorative purposes.

Guide Pin

In overarm or pin routing, the center pin that protrudes up from the surface of the machine table and is used to guide a duplicating fixture through its cuts.


The space between a saw blade's teeth.