Inverted Belt Sander Jig

Inverting a belt sander is a great way to get a little extra use from this already versatile shop tool. The trick is to build a jig that will hold your belt sander securely in an inverted position. In this position the belt sander can be locked on and used to smooth and shape irregular pieces, round over boards, and perform many other operations. The to picture to the right shows a Grizzly combo belt/disc benchtop sander. The picture below it is our sander mounted in the inverted Jig.

Because each brand and model of belt sander are different you will need to custom build the inverted stand for your specific sander. The belt sander shown in the picture to the right is a Porter Cable. The dust collector has been removed to allow it to sit down into the jig. This jig was built in about 20 minutes with scrap wood. The belt sander is held in place with a pinch clamp.