Spooning an Even Caulk Line

Laying out an even line of caulking compound can be a challenging job for even the most experienced professional. The "perfect bead" of caulk requires an even squeeze, steady motion, and a little luck. If your caulk line needs help, an old spoon may be the tool for the job.

The tip of a spoon is the perfect tool to remove the excess caulking compound. Simply scrape the tip along the groove, frequently wiping the excess caulk into a moist rag. A moist finger can clean up "Lap marks" in the caulk.

Most hardware stores also sell caulking tools that work well. Some of these store-bought tools are designed to leave only the smallest line of caulking compound exposed. These tools are great if you have one handy, but in a pinch a spoon is a great tool to have around.