Blade Stabilizers - for a cleaner cut

Quality woodworking demands precise tolerances and clean cuts.

A bad cut can often mean the difference between success or the scrap pile. A quick way to improve the accuracy of your table saw is to add a blade stabilizer to dampen the vibrations caused by the saw's belt, bearings and motor. Blade stabilizers are also sometimes referred to as blade dampeners.

The stabilizer is simply a metal disk that has been precision machined and balanced to give an added amount of stability. The stabilizer works by reducing rim vibration, giving you improved cutting performance, quieter sawing, and extended blade life. Stabilizers are installed on the saw's arbor and fitted directly next to the blade.

Do not use on portable power saws and always follow the manufacturer's installation instructions. Stabilizers reduce your depth of cut and care should be taken to make sure they will not interfere with the operation of the saw.

Blade stabilizers can be purchased from most retailers of quality woodworking blades.